We provide our experience for maintaining your servers alive, up and running!
We have extensive knowledge on debugging issues and optimizing applications, be it LAMP, LEMP or other.

As a quick intro, we work with:
- Nginx, Apache, Varnish, HAproxy
- MySQL, MariaDB, PerconaDB, Galera, PostgreSQL
- DNS (BIND), File Sharing (Samba), VPN (OpenVPN) etc.

When configuring software, while we always focus on optimizations, we never forget nor sacrifice security. After we finish the setup, we properly test it and we also explain what defense methods are in place so you, the client, can heave peace of mind.

Hosting. Shared.
We'll be honest - we don't lke shared hosting solutions (Cpanel, Plesk) - they're prone to serious vulnerabilities and are too resource intensive. We like to build each shared hosting solution from scratch and to use only needed software.
But we won't refuse to help if you already are working with one, because we have the necessary experience to debug and help make it more secure.